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EDUCATION/TRAINING. We have originated and presented more than 2,000 educational events including conferences, briefings, and management training. We have the most expertise in the U.S. on utilization of educational events to enhance your business success.  We also have worked with universities on advanced graduate business degree programs on legal management and certificate programs.  Sandpiper also organizes and presents its own conferences and publications. 


STRATEGY. We conduct extensive internal and external interviews and assessments and recommend options to advance your objectives.  We offer a full series of services to implement strategies. 


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. We will help you identify your best targets and develop innovative ways to advance your goals utilizing a variety of success-tested methods. 


MARKETING. We will focus your efforts on targets that can make a difference in your results and help you implement programs that create more awareness and business opportunities with those targets. 


SURVEYS AND STUDIES. We design and conduct surveys and studies to assess clients, relationships, trends in law, corporate governance, compliance and e-discovery, strategy, positioning, business management techniques, financial results, new business opportunities, and other topics.  We bring enormous credibility to these projects with our prior experience in conducting more than 50 such surveys.


 • PUBLISHING. Working closely with your organization, we can position your partners or executives as leadership experts in the field, an important credential in attracting business. We have published hundreds of books, newsletters, and white papers and thousands of articles and can assist in creative approaches to online and print publishing.  Sandpiper can also help you innovate in digital media.


 • CONSULTING. We have advised on a variety of issues related to law firm management and operations ranging from integration of two law firms to e-discovery. We also frequently consult with legal vendors on tactics and approaches to increase the success in serving the legal industry. 


MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS. With our vast knowledge of the legal industry including law firms and vendors, we have the specialized expertise to craft an acquisition plan, identify targets, and facilitate combinations.


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