About Sandpiper Partners

Sandpiper Partners is a continuing education conference organizer and consulting firm run by highly successful entrepreneurs, Lynn and Stephen Glasser, who have decades of experience producing solutions and additional revenues for law firms, law departments, legal vendors, educational groups, non-profits and information providers serving the legal industry.  Sandpiper services over 90% of the Am Law 200, specialized boutique firms, regional firms and corporate law departments.  Sandpiper Partners presents 35-40 conferences, roundtables and briefings a year for clients on the "business of law" and substantive legal topics.  The Glassers also designed and implemented the first ever Executive MBA for Law Firm Managers. 


Sandpiper is a conference organizer, acts as advisers and project developers, and has an outstanding record of success over the last 15 years.  Our clients are located throughout the United States, U.K., and Europe.  The company has completed projects in more than a dozen U.S. cities, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Milan. In 2020 Sandpiper switched from “live” meetings to virtual Zoom casts as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.  By the end of 2020, it expects to have completed more than 20 Zoom casts with outstanding results.  On average sign-ups for these casts have been 50% to 100 higher than previous live conferences.

Staying in Touch:

Sandpiper Staff is Working Remotely

Due to the current public health emergency from the Coronavirus, the Sandpiper staff is working remotely.


Here’s how to reach us:

Sandpiper Partners: (P) 973.278.8800


Lynn S. Glasser, President: (C) 973.714.2669



Stephen A. Glasser, Chairman: (C) 973.652.0029



Gina Rivera, Director of Marketing and Client Contact: (C) 201.470.9001



For the complete list of key staff, please view our Contact page.


Thank you for your understanding.  Sandpiper Partners is committed to continuing its quality business of law education and sensitive to maintaining the highest possible safety and health standards.

Public health experts have provided important perspectives on actions that should be taken now to address the continued spread of COVID-19 and in keeping with the needs of the entire community. Sandpiper Partners is acting in line with those recommendations and monitoring continuing developments.  Good health to all!


Questions: email: ginarivera@sandpiperpartners.com

OR Call in the U.S. 973 278 8800;

OR call (from London) 0800 023 2972;

OR Skype 001 973 968 4223

                                                                 Why Lateral Partner Recruiting Often Fails

(In the recent Sandpiper Partners web conference (Sept 30, 2021), “The Lateral Talent Frenzy”, an all-star cast of law firm partners and talent executives offered an unprecedented deep dive into attorney recruiting and retention, both at the partner and associate level. Hundreds of law firms “attended” the Zoom cast.  Steve Nelson of the McCormick Group (TMG) was one of the panelists in the segment focused on lateral partner recruiting. Our thanks to him for preparing this summary of some of the highlights. He can be reached via email at snelson@tmg-dc.com.)              

                                                                           CLICK BELOW TO VIEW